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Antipodate Advertising provides targetted access to the Antipodean and UK expat market.

Our members and users include Antipodean UK residents - Australians, New Zealanders, South Africans - along with expats from Europe, the U.S. and further afield. UK and Ireland natives also make up a significant percentage of our membership, with many having travelled to the home countries of other expat members.

Antipodate Live Member Demographics

Gender Female 51.60%
Male 48.40%
Age 18-25 2.06%
26-35 28.41%
36-45 47.49%
Over 45 22.04%
Location UK 97.26%
(% of total) England 92.39%
London 45.89%
Northern Ireland 0.66%
Scotland 2.67%
Wales 1.35%
Ireland 2.74%
Nationality Australia 10.95%
Ireland 1.46%
New Zealand 10.31%
South Africa 21.83%
UK 30.12%
US 2.69%
Zimbabwe 4.78%
Other 17.85%

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