Getting Started - Account Creation, Confirmation and Approval

The first step is to create an account.

All new accounts must be both confirmed by the admin user specified in creating the account and approved by Antipodate.

After creation of a new account an email will be sent to the admin user to verify the submitted contact information.

Once an account is confirmed and approved you will be able to login to the partner program website and begin promotion.


The partner program dashboard contains reporting of recent activity to allow visibility 'at a glance'.

Recent Activity Report

The 'Recent Activity' section contains details of approved and pending lead and sales commissions over 4 recent reporting periods - Today, Yesterday, Last 7 Days and Last 30 Days.

Click on any of the links in the report to be taken to the appropriate actions report where the report criteria can be modified to expand report results.

Latest Sales

Shows the last 5 sales on a partner account. Click 'more...' for the full sales action report.


The members report extract shows the last 5 member leads from partner referrals.

Details Update

Partner details other than the partner name and admin username can be updated at any time by visiting the update partner details page.

To update a password on a partner account go to the update password page.

Payment and Tiers

Commissions vary for each partner and are calculated from the payment tiers for each account. Click here to view tiers for your account.

Commissions earned are generally shown with both approved and pending figures, however only approved commissions are included in calculating the current partner balance.

Once a commission is approved it will automatically be included in the current partner balance and be shown as an approved commission. The current partner balance also includes any reversals which usually occur due to payment chargebacks or fraudulent transactions or members. Antipodate has a very low incidence of such issues in comparison to similar websites.

If a commission is rejected or declined it will not be included in the partner balance and will not be paid out.

Antipodate reserves the right to reject or decline commissions on actions that fall into certain categories including:

  • Traffic originating outside the Primary Zone (UK and Ireland) or Secondary Zone (Western Europe)
  • Clicks, leads or sales suspected of being non genuine or fraudulent
  • Clicks, leads or sales where members are subsequently removed or invalidated

Where a nominated account has been specified, manthly payments will be made in the month following a partner account exceeding the payment threshold (currently £100). For example, if a partner generates commission of £75 in June, then a further £85 in July, a payment of £160 will be made in August.

If no nominated account is specified we will contact you once the payment threshold is reached to arrange payment.


Actions Report

The actions report shows all actions - clicks, leads and sales - originating from a partner account.

Modifying the action type or status in the report criteria allows customisation of the report for only clicks, leads or sales and for the various action statuses.

Members Report

The Antipodate partner program is different from most similar affiliate programs in that members are permanently attached to a partner's account after a referral.

In this way a partner's investment is rewarded with increased revenue over time as repeat sales earn further commissions - even if the referral cookie has expired.

The members report shows all members who have joined from a partner's referral and the commission earned from that member. The current membership status of the member is also shown. (This may alternate between Active and Inactive over time as members alter their accounts)

Payments Report

The payments report shows the date and amount of all payments made to your nominated account/s.


All incoming referrals must have your partner account specified in the partner query parameter. See the resources page for more details.

Custom partner tracking may also be added to links and will be included in reports. See the resources page for more details.


If you have any further questions or queries please don't hesitate to contact us.

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