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The Antipodate Partner Program offers affiliate commissions for leads and sales from partner referrals along with revenue shared white-label and co-branding options.

A great way to monetise an Antipodean or UK website or database, the partner program is open to relevant sites in the United Kingdom and Ireland.

The program looks to create a successful relationship with all our partners and as such offers attractive commissions and benefits to build our partners' revenue from quality referrals over time.

Every member that joins through a referral will be permanently linked to the partner's account and commission continues to be earned for every transaction the member makes - even long after the initial referral cookie has expired.

All partner program accounts feature:

  • Quick, easy and free account creation - no start-up or ongoing costs
  • Easy integration with your website
  • Access to tracking and reporting through the partner program website
  • Attractive commission rates on leads and sales
  • Regular monthly payments
  • Permanent linking of all referred members to partner accounts - ongoing sales to linked members continue to generate commission

To get started simply create a new account or login here if you are already a partner. If you have any questions or would like any further information please contact us.

Partner Base Tier Commission Rates

Lead £1.00
Each approved member joining from a partner referral will earn £1.00 commission for the partner's account.
Sale 50%
Once a member is linked to a partner's account from a referral, every transaction the member processes will earn commission of 50% of the sale value for the partner.

White-label and Co-branding Revenue Share Rates

Please contact us for more information and rates on white-labelled and co-branded solutions.

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