By registering for the Antipodate Partner Program you agree to and are bound by the Terms and Conditions of this agreement between you and Abre IT, Australia.

Anitipodate reserves the right to suspend or terminate any Partner account and reverse Commissions if we feel that the account has violated these Terms and Conditions in any way.


Means a click, lead or sale resulting from a Partner referral.
Means Abre IT, the and websites.
Antipodate Partner Program
Means the program administered by Antipodate rewarding Partners for referring traffic or leads to Antipodate.
Antipodate Partner Link
Means a link to Antipodate containing the appropriate Partner identifier to enable linking to a Partner account.
Approved Action
Means an Action which Antipodate has reviewed and approved, meaning Commission will be payable for the Action as determined by the Partner's Payment Tiers.
Means an amount in UK Pounds Sterling that will be paid to a Partner for an Approved Action as determined by the Partner's Payment Tiers.
Declined Action
Means an Action which Antipodate has reviewed and declined, meaning no Commission will be payable for the Action.
Means a company or website that has created an Antipodate Partner Program account.
Means a PayPal or UK bank transfer to the Partner from Antipodate for Commissions earned through the Antipodate Partner Program.
Payment Tier
Means a structure defining rates of Commission to be paid to a Partner for specific qualifying conditions.
Primary Zone
Means the United Kingdom and Ireland.
Reversed Action
Means an Action which Antipodate has reviewed and reversed, including Actions that were previously Approved, meaning a negative Commission will be applied to the Partner's account as determined by the Partner's Payment Tiers.
Secondary Zone
Means Western Europe, excluding the United Kingdom and Ireland.

Account Confirmation and Approval

All Antipodate Partner Program accounts must be confirmed by the administrative user specified at the time of account creation. A valid administrative email address must be maintained at all times.

All Antipodate Partner Program accounts are reviewed by Antipodate and Approved or Declined. Notification on the outcome of this review will be provided to the administrative user via email.

Excluded Sites

Websites in the following categories will not be approved for the Antipodate Partner Program:

  • Sites containing adult content or displaying adult advertising
  • Sites containing excessive advertising and mimimal content
  • Sites lacking sufficient relevance to Antipodate
  • Sites containing offensive, illegal or other unacceptable content

Traffic and Leads

The Antipodate Partner Program is targetted at the UK Antipodate website ( and as such partner traffic should largely originate from the Primary Zone.

All genuine Actions originating from the Primary Zone will be Approved by Antipodate and Commission accrued according to the Partner's Payment Tiers. Actions originating from the Secondary Zone will be approved and accrue Commission only where they make up no greater than 20% of a Partner's total Actions. Actions originating from outside the Primary and Secondary Zones will not be approved and will not accrue any Commission.

Partners may create and format link text and urls as required but it is solely the partner's responsibility to ensure the appropriate Antipodate Partner Link is used to correctly match Actions to their account.

Any Actions suspected of being non-genuine or fraudulent may be Reversed by Antipodate and the Partner account may be suspended or terminated.

PPC Policy

PPC bidding is permitted under the Terms and Conditions but is not permitted where:

  • The 'Antipodate' brand name is used in any way
  • An Antipodate website would normally appear in the top 10 internet search engine results for the PPC term/s

Email Policy

Partners may include Antipodate Partner Links in email communication only where the recipient has opted in to receive such communication.


A Partner account balance will be calculated from any Commission on Approved Actions that have not been paid to the Partner in a Payment less any unapplied Reversed Actions. No Commission will be accrued for Declined Actions.

A Partner account balance must exceed a payment threshold of £100 before a Payment will be made.

Where a nominated account has been specified, monthly Payments will be made in the month following a Partner account exceeding the payment threshold.

Where no nominated account has been specified, Antipodate will attempt to contact the Partner via the registered administrative user email address to arrange a Payment.

Copyright and Brand Identity

Partners may not impersonate Antipodate or operate a website with a URL including the 'Antipodate' brand name.

Partners are not permitted to modify any Antipodate logo or images in any shape or form. Where modifications are required, please contact us.

Limited Warranty and Limitation of Liability

The Antipodate Partner Program service is provided 'as is'. Antipodate shall only be liable for Commission earned by Partners for Approved Actions less any Reversed Action Commissions.

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