Apartment 58, London

Apartment 58
Center Point
101 New Oxford Street

Apartment 58 is a space for creatives to work and play.

Launched in London’s Soho in early 2012, Apartment 58 within a short period won not only the hearts of its members and guests but media and celebrities too. First located at 58 Poland St, Apartment 58 quickly outgrew the 1000 Sq ft premises and is now located in a multi-floor 8000 Sq ft building at the iconic Centre Point right at the heart of London’s West End.

With plans to open further permanent and Pop-Up Apartments in London and internationally in New York, Paris and Milan by 2015 to create an international network, Apartment 58 is set to become a global institution for the next generation of artistic leaders.

Apartment 58 is a creative hub for the next generation with a strong focus on technology. In the evening Apartment 58 transforms into the ideal space for dinner, drinks and late night private parties. Technology, sustainability and social consciousness are front and centre at Apartment 58, with the exclusive, invite only membership comprising like-minded individuals who share the same passion for creativity.

Apartment 58, Center Point, 101 New Oxford Street, London, WC1A 1DB

Upcoming Events at Apartment 58

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