Meet other singles at the 2011 Bachelor & Bachelorette Ball

Other Singles

The 2011 Bachelor & Bachelorette Ball will be open to up to 500 male and 500 female singles only.

Tickets will be on a 'first in' basis with an equal number of male and female tickets available. Ticket sales will close in advance of the event to ensure all singles are matched for the evening so book now to ensure your place at this year's event

Free Antipodate Membership

Meet other singles at the 2011 Bachelor & Bachelorette Ball

As an added bonus for those attending the 2011 Bachelor & Bachelorette Ball, every ticket purchase will include FREE Full Antipodate Membership from the date of ticket purchase through to 1 month after the event! (Existing Antipodate members will have their membership extended by this period)

Prior to the event you will be emailed your compatible matches who you can contact to arrange to meet on the night. You can also contact other singles who may have caught your eye...

If you don't get a chance to catch up with someone on the night you can simply contact them afterwards on Antipodate!

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