Develop an Attention-grabbing Dating Profile

With all the general and niche online dating sites out there, it's easier than ever to meet the right person, if you know how to create an interesting dating profile. Once you select a site that offers what you're looking for, the important first step to meeting the right people is to develop an attention-grabbing dating profile. Don't wing it. Take your time and do it right. Think of it in terms of a fun, creative form of resume.

Your profile is one of two key components other people will look at before they ever contact you. In fact, your profile is a major factor as to whether or not you will be contacted and if you are by whom. Your profile should be lively, fun, and positive. Think of it like a product description in a catalog. They don't list negative things. Why? Because they want you to buy. It's the same with your profile. Don't talk about how lonely you are, or that you have a hard time making friends. You can always talk about these kinds of things later once you actually meet someone and start to get to know them. Although by that time those kinds of things probably won't matter.

If you're not sure what to say in your profile, take a look at what others are saying. Make a list of profiles that interest you and the ones that don't. Ask yourself, "Why?" This will help you see what to add and what to leave out, but whatever you do, be honest. Create a less general profile by offering specifics. For instance, instead of saying "I like nature" include more detail. Saying "I enjoy hiking in the woods," or "I love the challenge of backpacking in the backcountry" says a lot more. It makes you interesting to others who enjoy those same things.

Also be specific about what you are looking for. Saying something like "I'm looking for someone with a sense of humor," means different things to different people. Instead, say I'm looking for a carefree man between the ages of 24 and 29 who enjoys the humorous side of life. If you have a well-trimmed beard and can hold a conversation while hiking 10 miles, then we may be a match. Email me."

The second and most important element of your online dating presence is your picture. Post a recent photo. Instead of a standard posed shot take a fun photo that sparks interest. Not only will it get people to stop and read your profile, it will also provide a conversation starter when you get a response. Change up your photo regularly with other fun photos, and update your profile, too. Keeping it new and fresh will keep people interested.

Remember, online dating isn't about getting a lot of responses. It's about getting responses from the right people. Consider a membership on a niche dating site to help narrow the focus of the people you'll be meeting. For more ideas on how to create an attention-grabbing profile check out Global Personals for more ideas, you can also follow Global Personals on Twitter.

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