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Modern Jive Dancing

What is Nightclub Jive?

It's a form of Modern Jive, minus the bounce, smoother in frame like West Coast Swing - but uses a simple 4/4 box step (timing is most like Merengue)

With this simple structure, so easy to learn and master, you can then build on beautiful, fun, flowing sequences of moves, until you are confident enough to go for the holy grail of Nightclub Jive: Freestyling!

What is Freestyling?

Freestyling for guys is the nirvana you reach when the gent (usually leading) has mastered enough basic sequences and moves, so that he can begin to dance them in RANDOM order, with the aim of surprising and delighting his partner at every turn. Its blissful, pleasurable, inspiring joy, and will probably take the guys about 3 weeks to be able to put together their first 3 classes with enough confidence that they can begin to genuinely freestyle.

Freestyling for ladies is about knowing the basics, so that you forget about the moves, and start to enjoy the thrill of being led beautifully, to great music. Ladies have to concentrate on mastering the perfect handhold (strong fingers, half open hand, no thumbs, no claw grip) and the perfect tension / resistance in the arms (never fully extend the arm, keep it slightly bent), and then enjoying dance after dance after dance with these fine gentlemen.

Most Importantly: you can ask anyone to dance for each new song, and they will say YES! You don't even have to know one another's name before hand ? just introduce yourself, and say the magic words: "Shall we Dance?" Ladies can ask guys as well, and never have to sit out and wait to be invited.

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All Past Modern Jive Dancing Events

Date This event has already passed ( )
Venue Zulus Bar
Location 4 Fulham High Street
Categories Antipodean Event
Price £10 Regular Tickets
£15 Sales on the Day
£5 Early Bird Tickets
Event Details

8 hours of dancing...
Multiple DJs...
5 Dance floors...
Al fresco dancing...
Beach volleyball (yes, we have the sand, net and court - bring the flip-flops and sunglasses)...
Nightclub Jive classes all day for your guests...
Drink specials...

Book online to save: Early Bird £5 / Regular £10 / Sales on the day £15

If you do not buy your ticket before the event, its £15 on the door.

To save the booking fee, you can also buy your ticket at regular Jive Nation classes and freestyles.

*The BBQ is not included in the price of the ticket, but it will be great value

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Date This event has already passed ( )
Venue The London Hippodrome
Location Leicester Square
Categories Antipodean Event
Price Free
Event Details

Freestylers Party Nights

This fabulous new concept will get you out for a wonderful night on the town, situated in the world famous London Hippodrome, in Leicester Square.

It's the ultimate nightclub party, with a difference ? unlike dark regular nightclubs, at Freestylers you are never alone, never dancing solo, never sitting still! Everyone meets everyone else, and there are no social barriers to climb over. Hundreds and hundreds of dance partners whirling, twirling, laughing and jiving from 8pm Friday night, through until 2.00am!

How does it work?

Well, there is a good chance your grandfather knew all about the fabulous fun and social lubricant that was found in jive dancing and then the secret was lost for a few generations.. and people became strangers to one another - and forgot how to ask someone to dance but now its back, big time, as a revolution in Nightclub Jive.

  1. The Intro class to Nightclub Jive begins at 8.30pm - don't miss this if you are a first timer! You will learn some great basics of positions, holds, and a bag full of tricks and moves to get you started - and then you will be able to dance the whole night away, with 20, 30, 50 or more partners (depends on your staying power ;-) ) who are all there to dance with you
  2. Freestyle Games, competitions and prizes - throughout the night there are a number of great dance floor games to keep you jiving, to keep you partner swapping, and this is all run smoothly by our MC. There are prizes and giveaways for the most enthusiastic, smooth, flashy or brave new dancers, and this gets the whole place really humming.
  3. A great line up of non stop music hits, giving you a thoroughly danceable and juicylicious freestyle all night long
  4. Close and Risqué - 11.00pm, the late night Dirty Dancing session with super sexy Susie K, as she takes you through a few of the raunchier possibilities - naughty but nice
  5. Non stop til 2am, this is the greatest night in town, as you reclaim your place amongst the connected, energised, social crowd - no more nightclubs with lonely people in a sea of lonely people, this is the new phenomenon of Nightclub Jive

Top Tips!

Don't forget to come in the side door of the Hippodrome, on Little Newport Street

Guys, you are going to work like you have never worked before, so bring a spare shirt, and a can of spray, plus fresh mints!

Ladies, wear comfortable low heeled dance shoes, or smooth soled shoes, as these gents are going to keep you on your toes all evening long

Don't know how to dance? Don't fret - get there in time for the introductory Nightclub Jive class, and better yet, come to the Monday and Wednesday intro classes in Central London for a quick brush up on the moves and techniques.

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Date This event has already passed ( )
Venue The London Hippodrome
Location Leicester Square
Categories Antipodean Event
Price £8 Early Bird Tickets
£12 Regular Tickets
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