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Categories Antipodean Event
Price Free
Event Details Molora at the Barbican

Directed by Yael Farber
The Pit

In this reworking of the ancient Greek Oresteia Trilogy, Klytemnestra and Elektra, mother and daughter, face one another in a dramatic confrontation. Their attempts to come to terms with their violent past echo the testimonies delivered in the wake of apartheid all over South Africa as part of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission.

A chorus of Xhosa tribeswomen brings grace and humanity to the drama through the ancient art of split tone singing, adding a haunting intensity to this evocative production.

‘Utterly riveting… this play will not leave you when you go home.’
Tapestry, South Africa

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Categories Antipodean Event
Price Free
Event Details Instructions for Modern Living at the Barbican

Duncan Sarkies and Nic McGowan
The Pit, Barbican

This comic-tragic multimedia collage is a time capsule of urban life in the small hours of the night, performed by two of New Zealand’s most successful recent writers and composers. Music, dialogue and huge video images of nocturnal surveillance footage set the scene for some captivating tales of people who find it hard to sleep.

Behind closed doors we eavesdrop on ordinary characters at the edge of sanity: a radio talkback announcer with no callers, a ghost who refuses to leave its former bedroom, and a fast-food franchise owner who is sleeping with his employee of the month.

‘A tragi-comic after-hours window into the lonely agonies of modern life.’
New Zealand Live

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Venue The Barbican
Location Silk St
Categories Antipodean Event
Price £12
Event Details Terrific Electric at the Barbican

Created and devised by BOiLEROOM and first developed at The Playground Studio.

A world is grappling with a new invention set to change its reality forever...electricity. BOilEROOM investigates the surreal and fantastical world of innovation, using a theatre of moving images, absurd humour and vivid tableaux to evoke the shock and wonder of the dawning electrical era.

BOiLEROOM is the winner of the 2007 Oxford Samuel Beckett Theatre Trust Award, which aims to assist emerging practitioners engaged in bold, innovative and challenging theatre, in the transition from fringe to studio spaces.

‘A brilliant initiative to encourage imagination and risk taking by a new generation of theatre practitioners.’
Graham Whybrow on the OSBTT Award Book online

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