Main headlines:
FTSE 100 surges to a fresh record high

The FTSE 100 index closed more than 1% up at 7,864.34, comfortably above its previous high point on 17 May.

Comcast boosted in battle for Sky

An initial government review has not raised any public interest concerns about Comcast's bid for Sky.

Ryanair reports soaring profits but warns of headwinds

The Irish airline reports a 10% rise in annual profits but warns that costs are set to rise.

Qatar charges against Barclays dismissed

Potentially serious charges against Barclays Bank and its owner are dismissed.

Cath Kidston boss poached by Dr Martens

Kenny Wilson, credited with expanding Cath Kidston's overseas business, is to join Dr Martens.

UK turns blind eye to dirty Russian money, say MPs

The City is being used as "a base for the corrupt assets" of President Putin's allies, MPs claim.

Motability boss's pay 'unacceptable' say MP committees

The salary of Mike Betts - who runs the disabled car scheme - has grown by 78% since 2008.

Banking by mobile app 'to overtake online by 2019'

The growth in banking via smartphone apps puts more branches at risk of closure, forecasts suggest.

UK's clean car goal 'not ambitious enough'

An industry expert says petrol and diesel cars should be banned by 2030 or 2035, not 2040.

US and China halt imposing import tariffs

No specific numbers are given, but the deal appears to have ended the imminent threat of a trade war.

Rail timetables overhaul aims to boost frequency and reliability

One of the biggest rail timetable overhauls ever in the UK is predicted to create winners and losers.

New tougher MOT tests come into force

Rules will introduce new categories for defects and tougher tests on diesel emissions.

Chelsea owner Abramovich experiences UK visa renewal 'delay'

A source close to the Chelsea owner says the renewal process is taking "a little longer than usual".

Ocado delivers for 'patient' investors

For years the online retailer was a disappointing loss-maker, but a deal in the US has ignited the shares and confounded critics.

Royal wedding 2018: Who's paying?

Security will be the biggest expense, but precise costs are hard to count.

Do your colleagues want to 'get to know the real you'?

Liv Garfield, winner of the Businesswoman of the Year award, shares her CEO Secrets.

How the video game became a million dollar idea.

The BBC's Aaron Heslehurst tells us how the video game became a million dollar idea.

'I know all about AK-47s - and now apples!'

Errol April is a soldier-turned-apple farmer who believes in redistributing land in South Africa.

'The economic crisis killed my father'

Argentina has had to ask the IMF for help again. This has brought bad memories of previous crises to the citizens of Buenos Aires.

'We do custom artwork on our skateboards'

Former professional skateboarder Kent Lingeveldt has turned his sport into a business.

Mothers at a shopping centre in Greenwich in London give their verdicts on Mothercare

Mothers at a shopping centre in Greenwich in London say other stores are better at catering for young children.

Are tumble dryers still a fire risk?

After five million tumble dryers made by Whirlpool were identified as a fire risk, the company started fixing them. But some users claim their fixed dryers have caught fire.

Why is Spanish Iberico cured ham so expensive?

A single leg costs hundreds of pounds and increasing demand is pushing prices up.

'I found my call in life'

The language classes multi-millionaire who started out in business doing telesales via a public phone at an airport.

China worries

Washington is worried about Chinese investors. Is the rest of America?

Expensive remittances

New apps are bringing a greater range of services and features to the vital flows of money to families around the world

Carbon rocks

A high-tech solution being tested in Iceland gets rid of waste carbon dioxide by pumping it 1,000m underground.

'It would be a disaster'

Worried Texan businesses call on Trump not to walk away from the free trade agreement between the US, Mexico and Canada.

Peace mission

Farc guerillas have returned home, but they are often illiterate and unemployed and in urgent need of new skills for jobs.

Pedal power

Dockless bike tech has massively boosted bike-sharing. Is it the future of two-wheeled transport?

Arson warning

How one couple overcame arson threats to build a restaurant business.

Lessons from the past

As the US and China prepare for key trade talks, the BBC's Taiwan correspondent Cindy Sui says that history helps to explain the Chinese viewpoint.

Cava challenge

Spain's sparkling wine, cava, has a problem as it is seen as a cheap drink, say its producers who're seeking to rebrand their fizz.

High stakes

Ahead of new rules for fixed-odds betting machines, four people outline the pros and cons.

Bad ads

Digital advertising funds the internet but the industry is in crisis, many observers believe.

Seeds of hope

Seeds of hope; one social entrepreneur is using specially-coated tree seeds to restore Kenya’s lost forests.

Reality Check

Home ownership in the UK has declined – but how much more are we spending on rent?

War dividend

The global arms trade is now worth $100bn annually, with the US increasingly dominant as the world's top arms exporter.

Wedding sparkle

From jewellery to bags, coats and dresses, the fashion industry is following Meghan Markle's every move

Capital result

London has overtaken Paris and Montreal for the title of best student city, despite being so expensive.

How to spend £10,000

A report proposes giving 25-year-olds £10,000 and you've told us what you would do with that money.

Sea giants do battle

As demand for natural gas continues to surge, huge extraction vessels are about to go into action.

Reality Check

Can supermarkets compete with each other on price in local areas?

Bank lockout

HSBC, Halifax and Metro have all accidentally locked out blind customers by upgrading their bank websites

Emissions scandal

Volkswagen's diesel emissions scandal went to "very top" of the firm, allege US prosecutors.

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