Main headlines:
Contaminated blood scandal: Inquiry 'must uncover truth'

A public inquiry into a contaminated blood scandal that left nearly 3,000 people dead is due to begin.

NHS to save 'hundreds of millions' in landmark drug ruling in England

Two drug companies were trying to stop doctors offering a cheaper eye treatment.

'I gave birth, and got Hepatitis C'

When Jackie Britton was given a blood transfusion during childbirth, it could have killed her.

'Don't go cold turkey' to quit smoking

The annual Stoptober campaign launches with a warning to seek help when trying to kick the habit.

Shropshire hospitals baby deaths review cases rise to over 100

Baby and mother deaths, as well as birth injuries, are being reviewed at hospitals in Shropshire.

Pre-sex HIV drug should be made available on NHS, MPs say

The Prep drug is cost-effective and proven to work, three MPs say.

Are drink-driving limits too high?

How are the limits on how much alcohol you can drink set?

Yoghurts (even organic ones) 'full of sugar'

Public told not to be lulled into thinking yoghurts are as healthy as many assume.

Pregnancy weight gain 'going unmeasured'

Midwives want clear advice about how much weight is healthy for women to put on during pregnancy.

South Africa's highest court legalises cannabis use

Pro-marijuana activists cheer following a landmark ruling by the country's highest court.

Hiding my psychosis for 10 years from the age of 12

Luke Watkin first experienced psychosis at 12 years old - he didn't talk about it for a decade.

Bacteria disrupts Northern Ireland breast milk service

Donated breast milk held in the County Fermanagh facility is destroyed after a bug is found in the water supply.

Bedside light tool could detect baby brain injury earlier

A new bedside tool can detect brain damage by measuring oxygen and energy levels using light.

Deaths spiked during UK heatwave

When temperatures went up in England this summer, so did deaths, Office for National Statistics data shows.

Targeted treatment for melanoma to be free on NHS

Trials showed the risk of the cancer returning after surgery was reduced with the therapy.

Call to ban early baby sex tests

The party fears the eight-week blood test, available privately, may lead to selective abortions of girls.

'Aspirin-a-day risky in old age' - major study

A major study suggests elderly people in good health should not take the drug every day.

Pathologists shortage 'delaying cancer diagnosis'

Severe staff shortages are affecting services vital to diagnosing cancer, according to a report.

'My girl's meningitis was diagnosed as ear infection'

A charity warns the NHS must be more vigilant over deadly meningitis and sepsis cases.

Vapers rise 'to more than three million' in Britain

Some still believe e-cigarettes are as harmful as smoking, a public health charity says.

Contaminated blood scandal inquiry is 'too little, too late'

Barbara's husband was a victim of the contaminated blood scandal that left nearly 3,000 people dead.

Life as a medical photographer at Addenbrooke's Hospital

See what life is like as a medical photographer at a city hospital.

Will 'Modicare' be a success in India?

India has launched its new flagship health insurance scheme, dubbed "Modicare".

Why I'm happy 'living flat' after breast cancer

Juliet, who blogs about her recovery from cancer, explains why she didn’t want breast reconstruction after her mastectomy.

'We haven't had sex in three years'

A survey of 2,000 Mumsnet and Gransnet users finds 29% have had sex fewer than 11 times in the past year.

Periods 'keeping girls out of school'

Some 350,000 girls say they have missed school at some point because of being on their period, research from YouGov suggests.

Jelly treats for people with dementia

After his grandmother was hospitalised, Lewis invented a hydrating treat for people with dementia.

Grenfell: Back to the school

15 months after Grenfell, the school below the tower reopens its doors - what's it like to return?

Coca-Cola 'in talks' over cannabis-infused drinks

A report says the drinks giant is in discussions to develop pot-infused beverages with a cannabis firm.

Rachel Day died of sepsis 10 days after diagnosis

Rachel Day was 29 when she contracted sepsis which ravaged her body killing her 10 days later.

How can you get enough iron from your diet?

How can you ensure you're getting the iron you need from your food, without eating too much red meat?

Making Australia care about 'silent epidemic'

Syl Freedman's petition for an endometriosis drug went viral - then she helped to change policy.

Cruise ship rescue: How to survive for 10 hours in the water

Warm water, a calm head and being a woman can all work in your favour.

London knife crime: Can Chicago's model cure the violence?

London is following Chicago's lead in tackling violent crime like it is an infectious disease.

Why is IVF so popular in Denmark?

It has the biggest proportion of babies born through assisted reproductive technology in the world.

Changing the lives of people with dementia

Confronting the stigma and isolation people with dementia face in some communities around the world.

'We're in love but never have sex'

A survey of 2,000 Mumsnet and Gransnet users finds 29% have had sex fewer than 10 times in the past year.

Making sure you get the right type of calorie

Meet the latest dietary idea being used in the battle against the bulge - the "quality" calorie.

'I've performed 23,000 post-mortems'

Dr Richard Shepherd has examined evidence from 9/11 and 7/7 terror attacks, and the death of Stephen Lawrence.

Crowdfunded cancer treatments - do they work?

Experts are concerned vulnerable patients are being exploited.

Can cold water swimming treat depression?

One young woman stopped all her medication after taking up swimming in cold water every week.

'There's so much guilt in being a modern parent'

With one in three children obese, Jamie Oliver explains how to eat healthily at home.

Mark Lawrenson's cancer diagnosis and other TV stars 'saved' by viewers

Football pundit Mark Lawrenson is not the first celebrity to have his illness diagnosed on screen.

The secret shame of having no sperm

Male infertility is now the most common reason for couples to seek IVF - but men often feel alone.

You, me and the Big C: 'Like listening to friends'

Fans of the You, Me and the Big C podcast pay tribute to Rachael Bland, who died on Wednesday.

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