Main headlines:
General election 2017: Jeremy Corbyn and Theresa May face TV grilling

The leaders appeared separately, taking questions from the audience then Jeremy Paxman.

UKIP's Paul Nuttall suggests internment for terror suspects

UKIP leader says the detention of terror suspects without trial could be needed in the future.

Amber Rudd to Angela Merkel: You can depend on the UK

The home secretary wants to "reassure Mrs Merkel that we want to have a deep and special partnership".

General election 2017: Corbyn would 'open talks' over indyref2

Labour leader would discuss a referendum with the Scottish government - but ask them to think carefully about it.

Brexit talks: EU's Barnier urges Europe's MPs to be vigilant

Europe's MPs must help ensure the UK doesn't ditch EU standards, the top EU negotiator says.

General election: What you need to know

The UK will have a general election on 8 June. Here's what you need to know.

Guide to the parties taking part in general election 2017

Here's a guide to the political parties and, where published, their manifestos.

General election 2017: Extra programmes with political leaders

A guide to the additional programmes and debates for the general election campaign.

General election 2017: Lib Dems warn over crime database access

The Lib Dems warn the UK could be "cut off" after Brexit - the Tories say this is "nonsense".

General election: Conservatives outline domestic violence plans

The party pledge tougher sentences - and a watchdog to provide greater support for victims.

General election 2017: SNP 'would pursue progressive alliance'

Nicola Sturgeon says she would back a "progressive alliance" but expects the "reality" is a Tory win.

Smaller parties in the 2017 general election

BBC2's Daily Politics hears from some of the less mainstream parties about their policies.

General Election 2017: The parties' proposals on childcare

What are the political parties' pledges on childcare for working parents with pre-school children?

Election 2017 poll tracker

Who is on course to win the 2017 general election? Use our tracker to see the latest analysis.

Who is Leanne Wood? A profile of the Plaid Cymru leader

Profiling the Plaid Cymru leader who came of age politically during the 1980s miners' strikes.

George Canning: The four-month pistol-packing PM

George Canning may have been a shortlived prime minister, but he had plenty of impact on British politics.

Election 2017: Can these simple quizzes help confused voters make up their minds?

Confused about how to vote? Political quizzes claim they can provide the answer.

Corbyn marks out clear dividing lines on defence

The Labour leader has made a significant intervention on foreign policy and terrorism, says Iain Watson.

General election: Why 7.5m people can't vote for a woman

More than 100 constituencies across the UK have no female candidates standing, BBC research says.

The Battle for Number 10: May and Corbyn grilled by audience

Theresa May takes questions on the NHS - while Jeremy Corbyn is challenged by a business owner.

In full: Andrew Neil interviews Paul Nuttall

Andrew Neil quizzes UKIP leader Paul Nuttall in the latest of a series of interviews ahead of the general election.

General election 2017: One Liberal Democrat leader and his dog

Tim Farron's dog proved a hit with journalists when they went to interview him in Cumbria.

General election 2017: Sturgeon on Labour copying SNP polcies

Scotland is leading the way in progressive policies across the UK, with Labour allegedly imitating some SNP polices.

General election 2017: Corbyn says IRA bombing campaign was wrong

Jeremy Corbyn says he was "appalled" by the violence used by the IRA during the Troubles

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