Main headlines:
Code-cracking WW2 Bombe operation recreated at Bletchley

Modern day codebreakers have used wartime methods to read messages scrambled by an Enigma machine.

Facebook stops sending staff to help political campaigns

The social network will no longer send employees to work at the offices of political campaigns.

Tech Tent: Do the police have your biometric digits?

Zoe Kleinman explores concerns that law enforcement agencies are collecting too much biometric data.

Amazon makes Alexa-controlled microwave

Amazon has unveiled a microwave that can be controlled using its Alexa voice assistant.

China blocks Twitch game-streaming service

The service's website and app is no longer reachable from mainland China, gamers report

Instagram's IGTV recommended 'abusive' videos

Sexually suggestive clips featuring children were recommended to users, an investigation finds.

Internet regulator considered for UK

The government is considering "all options" to keep UK citizens "safe" online.

GoPro Hero 7 camera films smooth videos without gimbal

The latest action cam automatically stabilises footage without separate equipment.

John Hancock adds fitness tracking to all policies

One of the largest life insurance providers in North America will now sell only "interactive" policies that collect health data.

Vote Leave data firm hit with first ever GDPR notice

AggregateIQ is appealing against the accusation that it mishandled personal data and broke GDPR rules.

3D-printed gun pioneer Cody Wilson charged with sexual assault

Cody Wilson flew to Taiwan before he could be detained, police in Texas say.

Facebook told to speed up changes or face 'sanctions'

Brussels says Facebook must improve its information flow by 31 December or face sanctions.

Equifax fined by ICO over data breach that hit Britons

The UK's Information Commissioner's Office imposes a fine of £500,000 on Equifax.

Jellyfish robots to watch over endangered coral reefs

The soft-bodied machines are designed to explore fragile marine ecosystems without causing damage.

Sony unveils mini PlayStation Classic console

Tekken 3 and Ridge Racer are among the titles on Sony's new miniature PlayStation.

US judge allows e-voting despite hack fears

The judge, in the state of Georgia, is "gravely concerned" about hacking - but allows e-voting to go ahead.

3D printing shop closes after accusations of idolatry

People in Kuwait are reacting on social media to news a 3D printing shop has been closed after an outcry from an Islamist cleric.

Breck Bednar murder: Film warning of online grooming launched

Breck Bednar, 14, was groomed before being lured to his death by Lewis Daynes in 2014.

'Wild West' Bitcoin 'should be regulated'

Digital currencies pose a "litany of risks" and investors have little protection, says an MPs' committee.

IBM launches tool aimed at detecting AI bias

IBM is launching software which will monitor algorithms in real time and highlight how they make decisions.

Poor Toad: How Stormy Daniels ruined Mario Kart

When details from her tell-all memoir were published, one detail stood out.

Facebook accused of job ad gender discrimination

Women in three US states were allegedly not shown job ads for certain "male-dominated professions".

Soylent meal replacement gets UK launch

The Silicon Valley drink product has changed its formula for the British market.

Almost half of UK internet users 'harmed' online

The range of harms include cyber-scams as well as trolling, bullying and stalking, finds an Ofcom study.

Elon Musk sued for libel by British Thai cave rescuer

The billionaire had accused cave diver Vernon Unsworth of being a "child rapist", without evidence.

Lyndsey Scott says models can also be coders

Former Victoria's Secret model Lyndsey Scott points out that programmers come in all shapes and sizes.

Google bans birds on bikes from algorithm contest

The search giant launches a contest for images that can defeat its image-recognition systems.

NovaSAR: UK radar satellite launches to track illegal shipping activity

The all-British NovaSAR spacecraft will monitor big stretches of ocean for suspicious shipping activity.

TripAdvisor suspends reviews for 'Bude tunnel'

The tunnel amassed more than 160 comments, becoming the top attraction in the Cornish town of Bude.

Google admits changing phone settings remotely

The firm apologises after an "experiment" activates settings remotely on some Android phones

WEF: Robots 'will create more jobs than they displace'

Robots will create more jobs than they replace, although many roles will become redundant, a report says.

Amazon investigates staff bribery claims

The practice is particularly "pronounced in China", according to the Wall Street Journal.

Teen quizzed over 'g-force' moped YouTube stunt

Tyler Broome, 11, was spun at high speed on a park roundabout using the wheel of a moped.

Cyber attack led to Bristol Airport blank screens

Bristol Airport says a "ransomware"-style attack prompted it to take screens offline for two days.

A new reality? Putting Magic Leap One to the test

Magic Leap's new mixed reality headset is available to developers in the US - but how does the device compare to what's already available?

Ifa 2018: Glowing wall tiles respond to strokes

Tiles that change colour and respond to touch are on show at the Ifa tech show in Berlin.

Falling off Segway's self-balancing skates

BBC Chris Foxx takes Segway's new self-balancing e-skates out for a test run.

8K TVs unveiled by Samsung and LG at Ifa tech show

The world's two bestselling television-makers are showing off rival 8K screens at the Ifa tech show in Berlin.

Black chat shows prosper online

Mainstream media may struggle with diversity but black creators are making their own entertainment.

Salesforce billionaire Marc Benioff to buy Time magazine

Marc Benioff becomes the latest tech entrepreneur to buy a media title with the $190m purchase.

How China's GPS 'rival' Beidou is plotting to go global

China's Beidou is being used in everything from ploughing to precision missiles, but can it go global?

Hologram phone calls - sci-fi or serious possibility?

With 5G, experts say we could enjoy virtual reality in HD on our mobiles and even project holographics.

Will we ever get self-healing smartphones?

How likely is it that we will see mobile phones that use self-healing materials any time soon?

Tackling food waste in Nigeria with an app

Nigerian tech entrepreneur Oscar Ekponimo has invented an app which will help cut down on food waste.

The rise of the payment app: 'I hardly use cash any more'

Person-to-person payment apps are rising fast in popularity around the world, but are they safe?

Beyond pizza

How a city best known for pizza, football and crime is embracing tech to revive its fortunes.

Motoring ahead

As the UK looks at developing more trade deals outside the EU after Brexit, its increasing ties with Israel could provide the model.

5G race

China, the US and the UK are all vying to dominate the market for next-generation mobile networks.

Facebook and Myanmar

A perfect storm of factors led the social media giant to be used to spread hate against Muslims.

Print me well

Specialised printers are helping to create organic replacement body parts more quickly and safely.

Apple v Amazon

Apple and Amazon have seen their market value top $1tn, but will their growth continue to accelerate?

Fighting fakes

As disinformation tools get smarter, some are finding ways to spot the fakes before they get shared.

Dating blues

Dating apps are hugely popular around the world, but some think they're making many of us unhappy.

Quantum race

Quantum computers promise to be blisteringly fast, helping us solve many of the world's problems.

The robot child patient for doctors and other news

BBC Click's Omar Mehtab looks at some of the week's best technology stories.

How artificial intelligence can edit your pictures

Researchers at MIT have created an artificial intelligence that makes editing your pictures simpler.

The security alarm 'smoking out' burglars

ZeroVision emits smoke as part of a smart home security system.

Robot boat sails across the Atlantic and other tech news

BBC Click's Lara Lewington looks at some of the week's best technology stories.

'Groomed aged 13 by hundreds of men on Kik'

Within seconds of setting up a profile on the mobile messaging app, Taylor (not their real name) was approached.

Creating 3D sculptures from 2D video and other news.

BBC Click's Stephen Beckett looks at some of the week's best technology stories.

GoPro Hero 7 stabilisation put to the test

How does the GoPro Hero 7 compare to last year's model - and can it turn the company around?

Playing 'Not Tonight' - the dystopian Brexit video game

The game imagines a dystopian post-Brexit future where citizens of European heritage are exiled.

Salford scientists show how cars could power your home

The electric cars with stored power that could be transferred to a dwelling.

Video games created using artificial intelligence

Researchers in the US are using artificial intelligence to develop new video games.

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