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Venue The Gadabout
Location Guildhall Lane
Venue Details

Leicester’s newest cocktail bar has now opened to the public - and it's a stylish one.

The Gadabout has opened on the site formerly occupied by Taps, near to Leicester Cathedral.

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But the 17th century tavern is now unrecognisable after a trendy transformation.

Gone are the table taps and wooden furniture of the former pub, which have been replaced with regency-inspired décor.

Plush seating, brushed brass furniture and royal blue walls give the space a luxurious feel. This venue is perfect for a night of relaxed , fun speed dating.

Categories Speed Dating
Ages Male 22 - 32, Female 22 - 32
Price £15.00
Event Details

An evening of fun speed dating within the stylish surroundings of this very stylish bar. Registration is from 7.40pm for a prompt 8.00pm start. On arrival you will be welcomed by our friendly host who will ensure you feel relaxed. She will then explain fully how the night will unfold. During the event the girls remain seated, the guys move around after every 4 minutes. There will be a 20 minute bar break half way through the night. The event will finish around 10pm, feel free to stay on for another drink and chat some more if you wish. The following day you will be notified of your matches (via email, logging in or text , whichever you prefer).

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