What's it all about?

Well, to start with internet dating is quite a common activity. With the busy lives so many of us live, it can be difficult to find time to meet new people. That's where we come in! You can have whatever level of involvement you like - whether its just putting up a profile and waiting to see what happens or actively contacting other members.

Who's it for?

Maybe you're an Aussie, Saffa, Kiwi, Zimbo or other expat in the UK & Ireland looking for a friend, date, travel partner or serious relationship or maybe you'd just like to meet one of these people - it's for anyone! The Antipodean term that is the basis of our name is often used - particularly in the UK - to refer to Aussies and Kiwis or more loosely to all this group from the Southern Hemisphere.

How does it work?

The first thing you need to do is join. Joining takes just a minute or two and once you've confirmed your membership you can log back in at anytime to finish completing or modify your profile.

After joining and optionally adding your photo (profiles with photos receive much more attention and appear at the top of search results by default) you're ready to start contacting other members. You can send:

A kiss - a quick contact option to let another member know you are interested
A password request - if a member has a password attached to their photos you can instantly request their password

How much does it cost?

Basic Antipodate membership is absolutely free, allowing you to join and contact members with kisses, photo password requests and other messages. To send you own personalised emails to other members however, you need to be a full member which costs just £9.95 for a 1 month membership!

Receiving and viewing messages is always free for all members.

To become a full member, join as a basic member and click the 'Upgrade Membership' menu item while you are logged in.

What's the difference between the two types of membership?

Basic Member Full Member
Length of Membership
Full membership lasts for the period you purchase - after that time you can choose to renew or will simply be reverted to a basic membership. ongoing as purchased
Try it out for a month or get 2 months for just £16.95! nothing - free £9.95 for 1 month
£16.95 for 2 mths
£22.95 for 3 mths
£29.95 for 6 mths
Send kisses, kiss replies, photo password requests etc
Basic contact can be sent by any member yes yes
Receive and View Messages
Receiving and viewing messages is available for both member types yes yes
Reply to emails
Both basic and full members may reply to emails sent from other members yes yes
Send emails
Sending a new email message requires full membership no yes
Member favourites
All members can add other members to their favourites yes yes
All searches
Searches and search options are available to all members yes yes
View sent and received messages
A full history of your sent and received messages can be accessed from the 'My Messages' pages yes yes
Register for events and competitions
Anyone may register for events and all members may enter competitions yes yes

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