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Maybe you're a New Zealander in London or you're in London looking for a New Zealand date - whatever the case you're in the right place!

Antipodate is an online and speed dating site catering for Antipodeans - Aussies, Kiwis, Saffas etc - in London and the rest of the UK and Ireland. It's free to join and you might just find yourself a New Zealand date in London.

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Why come to the other side of the world and look for a date with someone from home - New Zealand in London?

Well for a start you have things in common. Travel, sport, music and entertainment, missing home or not missing home, you're likely to be in the same boat.

Most reports put the number of expats from New Zealand in London in the 10s of 1000s so there's plenty of New Zealand just around the corner in London.

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Maybe you're from New Zealand but you'd like to meet someone from London or the UK? Well, we have plenty of members who fit that description and would like to meet a New Zealander living or travelling in London. Or if you're not a New Zealander but would like to meet a New Zealander why not join and get started searching for your New Zealand date.

Whatever the case we've got the bases covered - with 1000s of members, many of whom are New Zealanders in London your sure to find a match!

We also have speed dating events in London for New Zealanders and non New Zealander participants - check out the London events on our Speed Dating Events in London page.

green-eyes - New Zealander living in London, England, United Kingdom
Kiwi-ev - New Zealander living in Wimbledon, South West, London, England, United Kingdom
jamesdan888 - New Zealander living in London, England, United Kingdom

New Zealand Resources and Sites in London

New Zealand Embassy in London - The New Zealand Embassy in London (also known as the New Zealand High Commission in London or the New Zealand Consulate in London) is located at New Zealand House on the Haymarket in London, SW1Y 4TQ.

Gumtree - The Gumtree is the classified ads and community site very popular with Aussies, Kiwis and Saffas in London. 1000s of ads for items and rooms in London and beyond.

SANZA - Pineapple Lumps, Steinlager, rugby gear, whatever All snacks you're craving or All gear you need SANZA has it covered and offers delivery in 24hrs UK wide! Also a store in London.

The Vegemite Tales - You may have heard of it already: Five Antipodeans share a house in London? Anyway, we think the scenario is pretty familiar for anyone who’s ever put their life on hold to travel for a bit, or upped-sticks to go and live on the other side of the world. Plenty of London dates and starring Blair from Aussie Big Brother!

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